Rambochiciamanuga - Member of Madagascarian brotherhood of assassins .Ancestor of Juan Reyes.

Juan Reyes .

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rambochiciamanuga was born in 1810. In 1812 his parents-assasins died at the hands of Templar Thomas Bevan.In the care of the boy took the leader of the Madagaskar assasins Rinauro.Future assasin from an early age was trained for killing and spying.Hours the mentor was talking to the boy about the philosophy of the assasins. In 1819 Rinauro took the boy to a murder Bevan in order to give him the opportuity to avenge his parents.Sick with malaria Thomas did not resist.The mentor personally forced the boy kill the templar despite his young age. It was the first murder commited by Rambochiciamanuga.

Murder of Radama 1 Edit

In 1828 Rambochiciamanuga held an official ritual of being the assassin.Imediately after the ceremony he was sent on important and dangerous job-killing Radama 1.The order schocked the assassin,in his opinion Radama 1 was a great leader,who created the powerful country-Merina Kingdom on the island.He tryed to rise objections what Rinauro said that Radama is a Templar and such a situation of affairs can lead to the destruction of the order and patania population Merina. The young men went to kill.Under cover of night an assassin into the Palace of Rova,into the complex Truelove,where found the drunk king.Rambochiciamanuga killing Radama by cutting his throat.In agony Radama ascks why Rinauro ordered to kill him. The young men learns from king that the latter supported the assassins from begining of his reign,by his father -Andrianampoinimerina,who was assassin.Malagasy accuses Radama of betrayal,howewer,it appears that Radama did not know about the feud between templars and assassins and their goals.Finally he tells the boy that his fault of Merina will be destroyed.The assassin runs away in schock for a second before entering the room of guards.

A guarrel with mentor Edit

Returning to the base,Rambochiciamanuga told mentor.Despite the fact that Radama was decieved by the Templars,who wanted to seize power in their own hands Rinauro still called him a traitor and praised the young men for a succeful assignment.The behaivor of the mentor infuriated the young men,who concidered his act is wrong.He declared that it no longer intends to serve as a mentor and will have right to choose their their victims based not on belonging to the templars and their actions.Despite the protects Rinauro the yong men went away breaking all ties with mentor.

Death of Racotobe Edit

Soon, however,Rinauro forced the young men to help the brotherhood.He said that after Radama's death the templars took under their wing one of his wifes-Ramava and want to raise her to the throne.Intially,malagasy did not want to help Rinauro,but mentor failed to convice the former assassin to help. According his plan throne was to take the eldest son of eldest sister of Radama 1,assassin named Racotobe. Since childhood Rambochiciiamanuga and Racotobe were closed friends.Racotobe was the only legitimate heir on throne,so his life was in great danger.The Malagasy agreed to guard the heir,noticing that makes it out the friendship and he still does not agree to return to the brotherhood.Racotobe was very happy to see his old friend. He and his family accepted him as honored guest.The heir of the throne did not understand the care his friend from the brotherhood.He tried to persuade the young men to return back,but the Malagasy remained adamant.In the end, a former assassin got mad and left the house.He had to go over the trescold,as a shot rang out.Terified,the young men returned,but it was too late:Racotobe and his family was dead.

The return to the brotherhood Edit

Death of Racotobe changed life of Rambochiciamanuga.He woved in any case,was to avenge his friend.Wanting fullfill the last wisch of a friend,he returned to the brotherhood.But despite his return assassins could not prevent the Templars. All the other possible succesors were killed and 12 June 1829 Ramava ascended to throne under the name Ranavalona .

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