Jan van Dooren (1608 - 1666) was a dutch nobleman, a painter and  a member of the Dutch Brotherhood of Assassin during Dutch Golden Age. He is an ancestor of Adriaen Arendz, an Abstergo employee.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

He born in Antwerp from a noble and an Assassin family. Jan brought up to standard by the assassin training by his father Willem van Dooren ( Master Assassin ). He joined the Assassin Brotherhood when he was 12 years old. He was apprenticed to a painter, Pieter van Swanen ( Master Assassin )  with whom he spent four years. His family was relocated to Amsterdam in 1625. Her father died in 1628.

Working with Jacob Edit

Against Dutch East India Company Edit

Find Pieces of Eden Edit

Become Master Assassin Edit

Later life Edit

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