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Jack Falcon (1992-present) is a modern-day Assassin. He has worked with the Assassins since he was 15 and was given his own outpost in Royal Oak, Michigan in 2015.

He is a firm believer in the old traditions of the Assassins, which is why he insisted on receiving a finger branding when he joined The Inner Circle. He carries out most of the assassinations that the brotherhood needs done.

He prefers working alone and has never recruited any other assassins until he met a young boy with Assassin blood.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Joining the Brotherhood Edit

When Jack was 15 he met Cecilia Fowl, the master Assassin assigned to the Michigan branch. He was offered a chance to join them due to his athletic ability and Assassin heritage. Jack accepted and began going to the headquarters everyday. He was almost caught sneaking out multiple times by his parents but he managed to avoid them with his skill at stealth.

Jack met an Assassin named William Stork. They were good friends and always trained together. One day, they both met up outside an Abstergo building, planning on breaking in. For the first few minutes, it went well. They entered the facility through a large air vent. When they were in, they snuck through the halls until they reached a research station. Jack used his phone to take pictures of the documents that were hidden in there.

Little did the two young Assassins know, they were being watched and identified by the cameras. When they tried to leave, they were ambushed by Abstergo agents. Jack was able to fight his way out but couldn't save William who was captured by the Templars.

Rescue Edit

When Jack returned to base, he explained to Cecilia what had happened. She promised to send a rescue party for William and Jack insisted on going. After resting, Jack and 2 other Assassins investigated the facility. They found that William was being transferred to a facility located in Europe.

Cecilia told them to track down William so they did. After a a few days of searching, they were finally able to find out what plane the Templars had used to travel to Europe. The other Assassins wanted to consult Cecilia but Jack insisted on following the Templars as soon as possible.

They traveled to Europe and hunted down the facility where William was being kept and broke in. They were able to find William but were confronted when they tried to break him out. Jack was able to defend most of his group while they lead William to the exit.

While he was defending his fellow Assassins, he made his first kill. When they got out of the facility, they quickly boarded a ship on the way back to America. At this time, William had changed his loyalties and began broadcas their location to the Templars. They were attacked durning their way home and were barely able to escape.

When they returned to the main base, they still didn't know how the Templars had found them. Cecilia scolded Jack for his decision to leave without consulting her but Jack only cared about having his friend back.

Punishment Edit

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