Federico Vespucci was an Italian circus performer active during the French Revolution. Federico was also a member of the Templar Order as well as the Saint Vierge group, becoming a sneaky and albeit creepy member. He was also the husband of fellow performer and Templar Isabelle Mendez.

Federico Vespucci
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Unknown, possibly in 1758



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Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known of Federico Vespucci's other than he was born in Italy, possible Florence. What is known about Federico is that he was born to a poor woman working as a concubine, and with no father as he left his mother before Federico was born. Starting when he was around 15 years old, Federico began to work in the circus. His skinny build made it easy for him to stretch in ways no one else at the circus could, and with his help, the group became a hit. While he was a man of few words, Federico was known for his violent outbursts that caused his name to be known and feared throughout Italy. In one incident, Federico and his circus group performed for a wealthy noble's son. While Federico and the circus kept the boy happy and cheering, his father was unamused and refused to pay the promised amount. When that happened, Federico looked calm with the mask on, but behind it, he was fuming with anger. That noble was never seen again, and everyone knew what must have happened to him. Whilst working in the Circus, Federico met his future wife Isabella Mendez, whom he would marry in secret. Change would come for both of them in 1789.

Templar-affaires Edit

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Joining the Templars Edit

Stationed at the Saint Vierge Edit

Death Edit

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