Ardio Zenukk
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August 21, 1531


May 25, 1594

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Ardio Zunukk was born in 1531. At age 15 he joined the Templar Order. When he was 23 he killed Master Assassin Zeno Armadi and retrieved the Apple of Eden. He went mad over it and became obsessed with its power. He died in 1594.

Early LifeEdit

Ardio was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1531. His Father Died when he was 3 and his Mother raised him – she was executed when Ardio was 13. He joined the assassins but broke all the codes when he was 15, so they expelled him. He then chose to join the Templars.

The TemplarsEdit

Ardio was an excellent Templar and was a Master Templar. He had many friends and was one of the youngest Master Templars. Still many templars did not trust him due to his experience with the Assassins. But one day when he got a task to assassinate a lead Assassin he could prove if he was a true templar.

Assassination of Zeno ArmadiEdit

He and his fellow templars set off to Japan to kill Zeno Armadi and retrieve the Apple. Ardio began the attack on Zenos farm. As Ardio saw his brothers die he felt his inner rage come out. He ran up to Zeno and stabbed him with his hidden blade.

Apple of EdenEdit

Ardio got the apple and escaped. When he was at a safe place he looked at it. He then got mad. He killed all the templars with him.The templars back in Istanbul found out and started hunting Ardio.

Later LifeEdit

In the year 1565, Ardio unlocked his 6th sense and stopped his madness. In 1572 Ardio found a baby and named him Falco and he was now his son. Ardio spent the remainder of his life studying the apple and training Falco. But in 1594 Ardio couldn't hide from the Templars anymore.


In 1594 The Templars found Ardio and Falco and started attacking. Ardio told Falco to escape and Falco left. Ardio faced the Templar and died by multiple stab marks to the chest.

Weapons, Clothes, and SkillsEdit

Ardio's weapons included a Turkish crossbow, a leather hidden blade, and a sharp-edged Templar Cross necklace to finish targets. He had traveler clothes and explorer clothes.He way Renowned for climbing on top of ships and spotting land quick.


  • Ardio was featured in the Fanon Zeno Armadi
  • He was originally a Total Assassin
  • He was one of the first Templars to have Eagle Sense/6th sense

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