Part 1Edit

Desmond enters a coma and accidentally stabs Lucy in the abdomen after a confusing encouter with Juno,Desmond is then placed in the Animus hoping for a "hero's return","How is he?" William shirked,"His pulses are stable,the only problem we have is what's he doing inside the Animus" Rebecca commented,"Wait,there's a hidden folder in here,it''s..a deleted memory" Shaun bursted within the panic of the trio,"Well,what's inside?" William said,Shaun opened the memory information and in it are the logs of the events that occured after the "fall" of the Borgias,"" Rebecca told the two,"Send it to me Shaun,with this,we might be able to track Desmond" Rebecca added,Hastings then did as he was asked,and Rebecca then attached the memory to Desmond,hoping to find more answers and hopefully,bringing Desmond back...

Part 2Edit

In the dark horizon Desmond lies still,not moving a muscle,but a white flash appeared out of nowhere and past memories started flashing in Desmond's head,waking him up inside his head,"WOAH,what happened?And that god Juno, Lucy,why....where am I?,so many questions so little answers",a shocked Desmond said and he was then brought to Ezio's time.....

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